How fit is your number?

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Let’s keep this simple

There’s a flood of fitness programs out there claiming to hold your secret key. The godlike striations in the abs, the shredded chest and bulging arms. A cherry on top too, if you buy the extra products.

They’ll claim they have the little known code or some untapped scientific method to boost your something to get the body you want. Slap on a sexy picture of a half naked human to get your chemicals stirring a little and poof, you’re hooked.

Look, there are tips and tricks and half naked humans are one helluva marketing tool.

But most people don’t…

What adults need to know and how to implement it

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A healthier world

We had a general rule in the Marines: “Leave the place cleaner than you found it.” It’s simple, to the point and easy to understand.

Similarly, this article aims to make our country a little healthier than we found it. It’ll focus on three things:

  • Four main parts of health
  • How each part impacts a child in your life
  • How us adults can implement healthier choices in our lives and to positively influence the child’s life

The way we see health — at least in America —isn’t very simple or effective at the moment. We’re wrapped up in complicated health…

And how to consistently get rid of them

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The problem with hacks

Since the pandemic hit there’s been a reasonable increase in health-minded behavior. But there’s also been an insidious rise in nonsense around how to achieve a sustainably healthy life.

This article is intended to throw a few rocks at that nonsense and offer viable alternatives to those who are willing to commit to health.

Fitness, arguably the industry that should be spearheading how to get healthy, went up in sales but stumbled in integrity.

Instead of promoting long term principles of health — which are rarely comfortable or cozy — there’s been a general push for instant gratification and sales-driven…

Recalibrating how we achieve health in a weird world

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The missing ingredients to modern health…

Right to the point: Meaning and function are the missing ingredients.

With all our fancy gadgets in the modern world, suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15–29 year olds and obesity rose from about 30% to about 40% in the opening two decades of this century.

Soft addictions like sugar, entertainment and chronic anxiety are setting up an entire generation for failure.

I love this country, but we’ve got some cleaning up to do.

It’s pretty clear at this point that shiny pieces of equipment and Wi-Fi fitness gadgets aren’t the superheroes we needed. One might say…

And the two infamous words they start with…

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It starts when you’re feeling a little…

Fill in the blank. Angry, tired, pissed, resentful, hopeless, intimidated. Anything.

Any time you say “I feel” without the intent to understand and deal with that emotion, it’s just an emotion. A pool of feelings in your head you’ll marinade in until it either blows over or you act on it.

Does that mean the feeling’s bad? No. It’s not good or bad, actually, it’s just a feeling. Not trying to be callous here, but your goals don’t care about your feelings.

My goals certainly don’t.

Feeling and emotions are rich sources of information, and it’s important we treat them…

Pandemic-proof methods to build muscle and lose fat in hard times

A fit man looks into the camera to model losing fat and building muscle
A fit man looks into the camera to model losing fat and building muscle
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Military mindset and at-home fitness

Do more with less.

That was the response we got when we didn’t have gear in the Marines but still needed to get the job done. That’s the hard lesson millions of people, you and me included, are running into with our fitness goals.

No more shiny equipment, buzzing environment for motivation or wondering if that dude’s going to clean off the bench he just sopped all over before you hop on.

I’d argue this is all a very good thing, and here’s why.

Resiliency is a muscle, and if you don’t actively train it your fitness goals are doomed…

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Dodge the B.S.

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Online fitness coaching

So you want to get in shape. For a host of 2020-like reasons (or perhaps completely unrelated reasons) you’re not going to the gym for an in-person trainer — yet you know you could benefit from one.

You do a Google search.

Up pops a plethora of ads assuring you that the six pack and godlike muscles are one purchase away — if you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon a discount (only if you click now, though).

Before you pull the trigger, chill for a second.

This article is written for people who genuinely want to become a better…

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